Want to see the difference between a factory farm and a Certified Humane® farm?

Quebec-based pork producer, duBreton®, the #1 producer of Organic and Certified Humane Raised and Handled® pork, shows some of the differences between a factory farm and a Certified Humane® farm in this video. I think you will find the… Read More

Jamie Oliver offers some tips on how to be an ethical shopper

In a recent online article, Daniel Nowland for JamieOliver.com offers some tips on how to be an ethical shopper and, as a strong supporter of Certified Humane®, explains what to look for when buying animal products. Here’s some of… Read More

Does PETA have the right to determine what’s “humane” considering their view on animals?

By Adele Douglass, Executive Director for Humane Farm Animal Care I don’t think you can stand in the way of progress for farm animals, euthanize more dogs and cats than other animal shelters, and still call yourself a… Read More

Certified Humane ranks #1 in Food Demand Survey

Jayson Lusk, food and agricultural economist, recently reported on the December 2015 edition of the Food Demand Survey (FooDS), which tracks consumer preferences and sentiments on the safety, quality, and price of food at home and away from home… Read More

We just wanted to share some of our advertising with you

Anthem Motorsports contacted us because they thought their NASCAR fans would be interested in the Certified Humane® program. We ran an ad in The ANNUAL racing magazine this season and we’re already set up to run another ad… Read More

Make your summer celebrations Certified Humane®

In July, many of us will get together with family and friends to celebrate the founding of our great nations – July 1 for Canada and July 4 for the U.S. For those who eat meat, that often… Read More

Don’t be fooled by food labels

Food labels can be confusing. These days, almost everyone is slapping labels onto egg cartoons and meat products to assure you that their products come from happy farm animals. But the truth is, those labels don’t prove anything…. Read More

More than 12 years ago, HFAC set the standard to keep antibiotics and growth hormones out of our food supply

Here’s why. Humane Farm Animal Care’s Animal Care Standards ensure that farm animals in our program don’t live in cages or gestation crates, but on farms where they have space to flap their wings and exhibit natural behaviors…. Read More

Did you know that animal liberation groups and activists attack animal rights and animal welfare groups all the time?

Working on farm animal issues is perhaps the most difficult of all animal welfare work. That’s because there are animal liberation activists who often attack groups like ours daily. Every morning, I open hate emails that call me… Read More

Want to be sure your chicken REALLY is humanely-raised?

Did you hear the news? This week, one of the nation’s largest poultry companies was forced to remove their “humanely-raised” label from their chicken products. Under their current program, they used current industry practices to base their claim…. Read More