AlaSüt Milk & Yoghurt – First Certified Humane® Farm in Turkey

Director Melih ERTÜRK discusses AlaSüt Milk & Yoghurt made by cows at Uluova’s farms.

Uluova’s first farm was established in 2015 and the entire rootstock herd was imported from the United States. We were looking for an internationally recognized certificate program to prove to our customers that animal care in our farm is at world standards. Thanks to our understanding established to produce breeding animals beyond market needs and to produce milk in the most natural way, it has made a desirable production farm in the market.

While only Holstein cows were owned between 2015 and 2021, Uluova now has a total of 4000 animals of 4 different breeds in total with the new robotic farm built in 2021. AlaSüt produces pasteurized milk and yoghurt at high standards only from Beta Casein A2 milk and from the farm accredited by Certified Humane®.

Our top priority for animal welfare is the awareness of our employees. On the other hand, following the health of animals is as critical as providing the barn physical conditions for animal welfare. In this context, we have a developed a laboratory [where] all kinds of analyzes are carried out here for the health of animals.

Our products are currently only sold in contracted charcuteries in Istanbul and Canakkale in Turkey and our network is planned to expand over time.

To locate Certified Humane® AlaSüt Milk & Yoghurt, please follow this link