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Take Action for Farm Animals



Shoppers can make a difference through their spending habits

Certified Humane® unites three communities: farmers who provide compassionate care to animals, scientists who study the most humane way to treat farm animals and…

… You!

Our mission can only advance as far as shoppers like you are willing to support our efforts. When you choose a product with the Certified Humane® logo, you are reinforcing the efforts of the farmers who invest more time and resources into caring for their animals the right way.

Every time you vote with your dollars and buy Certified Humane® products, you are voting for the Animal Care Standards that our Scientific Committee established and continues to uphold in farms across the globe.

When you ask for Certified Humane® eggs, milk or meat to be carried in your local grocery stores, you advocate the Key Care Principles that our Animal Care Standards follow.

With your purchases, you declare that all farm animals deserve Freedom from Confinement; Access to Nourishing Food; Encouragement of Natural Behaviors; Care from Trained and Compassionate Handlers; and Compassionate End of Life Practices. You are demanding Compliance Transparency from the farms and ranches that produce the food you and your family eat.

Shoppers are a vital component to the Certified Humane® community. Our farmers and ranchers need YOU to demand a more compassionate food industry.

Because of people like you, Certified Humane® continues to expand to more and more farms and ranches. More grocery stores sell products with our logo. Every day, we get closer to reaching our vision of all farm animals living in an environment that suits their natural instincts and behaviors.

YOU are vital to our efforts!

Learn about our Animal Care Standards

Our Animal Care Standards are at the core of everything we do. They establish practices uniquely appropriate for every kind of farm animal.

Each of our detailed standards follow our Key Care Principles:

  • Freedom from Confinement
  • Access to Nourishing Food
  • Encouragement of Natural Instincts and Behaviors
  • Care from Trained and Compassionate Handlers
  • Compassionate End of Life Practices
  • Compliance Transparency

Certified Humane® opposes cruel production practices that currently dominate the food industry. Our goal is to provide a grassroots path to reforming the industry, rather than dictating how people should eat. We believe it is compassionate, responsible and in humanity’s best interest to provide a higher quality of life to farm animals. Sign up for our email news updates to stay informed on our latest progress.


Shop Certified Humane®

Every purchase of a Certified Humane® product is a powerful declaration about how you’d like farm animals to be treated. However, depending on your community, it might be tricky to find a grocery store that sells those products.

How do you get started?

You can download our free Mobile App! With it you can:

  • Find stores near you that sell Certified Humane® products
  • Connect with us on social media
  • Watch Certified Humane® videos
  • Listen to our podcast
  • Read our latest blog post
  • Find answers to your questions
  • Learn more about our Animal Care Standards

You can also find stores near you that sell Certified Humane® from our Where to Buy page. Or check out our list of Farm Brands that Ship for Certified Humane® delivered to your door.

Share and volunteer

If you find Certified Humane® products somewhere you didn’t expect, SHARE IT on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and tag @CertifedHumane. Share pictures of your favorite recipes with products from our farms and ranches.

You also can share our social media content with your friends and network.

How to donate

Donate on our secure site to help us reach more farmers and shoppers, so we can help more farm animals. Whether it’s a one-time gift or a monthly gift, every little bit helps. We also accept donations through PayPal, check, cryptocurrency, corporate matching programs and state employee campaigns.

100% of your tax-deductible gift goes directly toward our Program Services.

Facebook and other social media platforms offer the option of creating fundraising campaigns for your favorite charities. Choose our nonprofit “Humane Farm Animal Care” and give directly to the welfare of farm animals.

Support better practices

If your favorite grocery store doesn’t carry Certified Humane® products, you can change that!

Local stores are often open to requests from their customers. The more requests they receive, the more likely they are to start stocking Certified Humane® products.

The best way to send a request is through the store’s “contact us” page on their website. If it’s a chain store, make sure you select the location where you shop or mention it in your message.

Your request should be simple, short, and direct. Try this wording to get you started:

As a frequent shopper in your store, I want to be able to purchase Certified Humane® products, including eggs, dairy, meat, chicken, pork, bison, lamb, pet food, condiments and more.

The Certified Humane® logo ensures that farm animals were raised with compassion, using objective standards based on animal science.

That’s important to me. I trust the Certified Humane® logo as I decide what products to buy.

Please add Certified Humane® products to your shelves so I can continue to purchase animal-based products at your store.

If you’re not sure where to send your message, email us with your favorite store, their address and zip code. We’ll help you find the right page.

Finally, a powerful way to advocate for farm animals is to encourage your favorite food brands to become Certified Humane® or use Certified Humane® ingredients in their products. Look on the product’s label for the company’s contact information to get started.

We would love to hear about your successes and challenges!

We are here to support the community! We love to connect with the advocates who are making a difference in grocery aisles in their own neighborhoods.

Please let us know about your experiences talking to grocery store managers about carrying Certified Humane® products or show us some of the Certified Humane® products that are in your store.

Thank you for joining this movement and helping to create a more compassionate world for farm animals!