Demand for Certified Humane products gains traction in Asia

From Asian Poultry Magazine, Courtesy of Asian Agribiz, April 2020

This big egg company will now show you 360-degree look at where your eggs come from

This big egg company will now show you 360-degree look at where your eggs come from FAST COMPANY 1-06-2020 By Kristin Toussaint Terms such as cage-free, free-range, and pasture-raised turn up a lot when you’re shopping for eggs…. Read More

Viewpoint: Non-GMO, organic, gluten free? Demystifying misleading food labels

From Genetic Literacy Project by Hillary Kaufman | July 29, 2019 Here I am at Costco, getting far too many things for my household of four. As I try to navigate my unwieldy cart around, I see a new… Read More

Doing Right by the Animals Used in Food Products Is a Costly But Worthy Business Investment

From | June 25, 2019 | Billy Bosch More and more consumers want to know the source of the products they buy, so it’s on business owners to use the best ingredients. How far would you go… Read More

This designing shepherd has found her niche in the farm-to-fashion movement

By Rachel Manteuffel | The Washington Post | May 28, 2019 MIDDLEBURG, Va. – Gum Tree Farm Designs’ showroom is far enough out in horse country Virginia that the dry cleaners down the street also offers mane pulling. President Kennedy… Read More

Chew’s Agriculture signs 10-year S$27m sustainability-linked loan with DBS

THE BUSINESS TIMES, WED. MAY 29, 2019 VIVIENNE TAY – EGG producer Chew’s Agriculture has signed a 10-year, S$27 million sustainability-linked loan with DBS Bank, to construct a new farm with larger cage-free facilities. This ensures that hens… Read More

Solomon’s Fresh Markets Debuts Niman Ranch All-Natural Meat to Bahamas Community

From May 9, 2019 “NASSAU, Bahamas– Solomon’s Fresh Markets, the Bahamas’ premier healthy and environmentally friendly grocer, is now proudly offering sustainable and humanely raised beef, pork and lamb from industry-leader Niman Ranch.

What Do Popular Dog Food Terms Even Mean?

From This Dog’s Life by Jillian Blume, May 9, 2019 “Dog food that is labeled “humane certified” has animal ingredients that come from animals raised in an environment where the health and well-being of the animal is a… Read More

This Is How to Read Labels So You Buy the Best Chicken

From Reader’s Digest by Lindsay Mattison, Originally Published on Taste of Home “A trip to the grocery store can be confusing, especially once you get to the butcher counter. What is best chicken to buy—organic, air chilled, free-range… Read More

Consumer Demand Sparks First Certified Humane® Chicken And Egg Products Raised and Sold In Southeast Asia

MIDDLEBURG, Va., March 31, 2019 Three Southeast Asian farms have earned Certified Humane® designation from Humane Farm Animal (HFAC) the leading international nonprofit certification program whose mission is to improve the lives of farm animals in food production…. Read More