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Retailers: Making Certified Humane® Work For You

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Benefits to your customers

  • Certified Humane® has the highest animal welfare standards for farm animals in food production and is endorsed by over 66 organizations.
  • Certified Humane® has the highest recommendation as an Eco-label from Consumer Reports.
  • Certified Humane® has been recommended by Good Housekeeping, Vanity Fair, Family Circle, Time Magazine, Self Magazine, and other mainstream publications.
  • Certified Humane® is a label that consumers find easy to understand (Label Reading From a Consumer Perspective, The Hartman Group, December 2007)

Benefits to Retailers

Certified Humane® certification offers the complete package to the retailer:

  • Humane Animal Care Standards written by a Scientific Committee of animal scientists and veterinarians;
  • Standards for laying hens, chickens, turkeys (including poultry slaughter), pigs, beef cattle, dairy cows, sheep, goats and young dairy beef
  • On farm audits;
  • Slaughter audits; and
  • Traceability audits (we track Certified Humane® products from the farm to your shelf.)
  • Transparency – All relevant information about Certified Humane® is available on the website, including:
  • All companies and products that are certified
  • All standardsProgram/Policy Manual, ApplicationsFee Schedule
  • All information about staff, board of directors and scientific committee
  • All supporting organizations
  • Ease of separation and segregation with Certified Humane®: one certification, one label. In contrast, humane programs with multiple steps would require multiple areas of separation and segregation to be designed at the retailer level to accommodate the different products for each step.
  • Certified Humane® promotes the retailers who have Certified Humane® product in their stores. Due to demand from consumers who want to know where they can buy products that are Certified Humane®, we created a searchable map where consumers can find your certified products.

Benefits to your suppliers

Certified Humane® has the lowest cost to your suppliers in comparison to the cost of other certification organizations. We can keep the cost of inspections low because our inspection staff consists of highly qualified, individual independent contractors, not high cost audit firms. You are assured that the supplier is receiving the highest quality audit, farm, slaughter, and traceability at a cost they can afford.

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