Application Process

Application Process

Lanthem OrganicStep 1: Preparation:

Read the HFAC Animal Care Standards to become familiar with the requirements to which you are required to comply. If you have questions about the standards, contact the HFAC office.

Step 2: Application:

Are you applying as an individual operator, a Pooled Product Operator, a Product Manufacturing Operation, a Producer Group, or a combination of any of the above? The HFAC Policy Manual describes the different types of operations and will help you determine which category you fall under.

After reviewing the Policy Manual, complete the appropriate applications for your operation. All farm applications must be accompanied by a Universal Application for the slaughter plant or processor for dairy and eggs. All applications should be mailed to Humane Farm Animal Care at PO Box 82, Middleburg, VA 20118 along with your processing fee of $75.00.

You can download the applications from our website or if you prefer we can send you copies of the Standards, the Policy Manual and the Applications by mail. Just contact the HFAC office at 703-435-3883 or contact us by email

Step 3: Initial Review and Inspection Arrangements:

When we receive your applications, we will review them to make sure the operation meets the requirements of the program. We will call you if we need clarification about some of the information you submitted in your application. If the farm appears to meet the requirements of our program, we will contact you to arrange for an inspector to come to your farm and the slaughter/processing plant to do the inspection at the same time.
The inspector does a thorough inspection and each and every standard is reviewed. After the inspection, the inspector will talk to you about his/her findings. This is called an “exit interview.” The inspector then submits the report for a decision to the HFAC offices.

Step 4: Approval:

Applicants need to comply with all the HFAC standards and requirements before they are certified. If you are certified, you will receive a certificate for one year. Each year you must renew your application and be re-inspected. In addition, all producers on the program are subject to unannounced inspections. For a complete description and flow chart of the initial certification and renewal process, see the Program/Policy Manual.