V.Food – Viet Nam

First Certified Humane® Egg Supplier and Processing Company in Viet Nam

As an industry pioneer in Viet Nam, V.Food has observed the cage-free movement for laying hens increase around the globe. “We are a leading company in the Vietnamese egg industry and want to differentiate our eggs from the nearly 77 million hens raised in confined in small, crowded, wire cages every year in Viet Nam,” says owner Mr. Truong Chi Thien.

With a vision to improve the living conditions for laying hens and in response to customers’ requests for cage-free eggs, V. Foods has become the first egg supplier and processing company in Viet Nam to achieve the Certified Humane® designation. “We have received a lot of interests from livestock associations, press, reporters, and buyers as we are the first producers in Viet Nam to get certified,” says Mr. Truong Chi Thien.

Since its launch in 2003, the journey to become the leading national egg production company, bringing nearly 1 million safe, traceable eggs to the market everyday has not been easy. Mr. Truong Chi Thien, over nearly 2 decades, has overcome ongoing challenges, by supporting his producer network in Mekong Delta and Southern, and building a modern egg processing plant in Ho Chi Minh City.