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Pingyao Weihai Ecological Agriculture

The main enterprises of Pingyao Weihai Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd. are ecological farming, egg sales, and egg processing at the site of two farms in China, Pingyao Dongyoujia and Nanzhanwan.

Pingyao Dongyoujia farm was first equipped with the cage free facilities, raising about 20,000 cage free birds in 2016. Once the cage free system was in use and chickens could move and feed freely, Weihai Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd saw an improved performance of egg production. Additionally, the chickens raised in their new cage free system were more vigorous and had stronger disease resistance.

At that time, cage free birds only accounted for 8% of total production. Nanzhanwan farm is currently building 5 cage free chicken barns, and each will house 30,000 egg laying hens. Now as a producer of Certified Humane® eggs, Weihai Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd is a stronger competitor in the marketplace where many multinational companies are committed to using cage-free eggs.