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Happy Eggs (Hainan)

Happy Eggs (Hainan) Agriculture Development Co., Ltd Jiangsu Branch

Since 2015, Wang Weisheng and his team have visited dozens of laying hens breeding factories and found that small and medium-sized farmers have simple facilities, and that widespread use of antibiotics is common practice. Wang Weisheng and his team hope to use mobile Internet technology to help farmers raise chickens, promote humane husbandry practices, and let consumers eat, “non-resistant,” eggs. In November 2016, the brand, “Happy Egg,” was officially born. In the follow year, July of 2017, Happy Egg and Dr. Jianming Tong set up a joint venture laboratory to promote the development and application of A50 feed technology. In 2020, Happy Egg landed in Baisha, Hainan, China’s largest welfare farm. In November of the same year, a chicken coop project was launched in Nantong, Jiangsu Province. At present, Happy Egg is spreading the concept and practice of cage-free eggs to individuals, families, and businesses, who support the concept of farm animal welfare.

As a participant and advocate of Certified Humane® laying hens in China, Happy Egg also assumes responsibility educating local markets. In addition to the construction of the welfare farm, Happy Egg will also build a welfare farming museum to share the experience of interaction between farms and consumers. The goal is to popularize welfare farming to Chinese consumers and share relevant experiences among farmers to make Certified Humane® practices the mainstream farming method.

At present, Happy Eggs sells online in Jingdong self-run stores nationwide, and offline in the Beijing area, such as Hema Xiansheng, Ding Dong Mai Cai, Cuixiangguomei, guoduomei, Weifang Jia Le Jia chain supermarket and other grocery chain channels. Learn more about Happy Eggs by visiting http://www.kuailededan.com/