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Farm Fresh – Malaysia

First Certified Humane® Dairy company in asia

Introducing Farm Fresh®, the first dairy company in Asia to be awarded the internationally recognized Certified Humane® certification. As the owner and operator of four dairy farms in Malaysia, Farm Fresh® was drawn to the Certified Humane® Program because Certified Humane® standards are closely in-line with their own commitment to animal welfare and sustainability.

Farm Fresh® focuses on the health and well-being of their cows

“We spare no efforts to ensure that they have an amazing experience living with us,” says Managing Director, Loi Tuan Ee. Cows are fed a nutritious diet primarily composed of fresh grasses harvested at peak ripeness. To maintain sustainable land-use practices, soil is fertilized with the farm’s own organic compost and irrigated with wastewater. “We invested in world-class infrastructure for milking, housing, and cooling our cows” says Loi Tuan Ee. “Since heat stress is common in the region, we focus on sufficient ventilation as well as soakers for effective evaporative cooling.”

“We want to ensure that animals under our care are always healthy and happy.”

In Malaysia’s tropical environment, heat stress is a regular concern for farmers. Farm Fresh® raises Australian Friesian Sahiwal cattle, a breed developed in Australia that is especially suited to hot and humid climates. “Our Certified Humane® husbandry practices allow us to raise cows that are more resilient and comfortable in the heat and humidity,” says Azmi Zainal, Chief Operating Officer. “Effective herd health management is our priority and we believe that prevention is the best cure,” adds Group Senior Farm Manager, Jacob Mathan. Not only does Farm Fresh® carry out routine screenings and prevention strategies, all farms operate a pedicure unit to pamper and care for cows’ hooves. “We want to ensure that animals under our care are always healthy and happy.”

For more information, please visit www.farmfresh.com.my