Certified Humane continues making progress for farm animals

Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC) is on a mission to create a Certified Humane® world for farm animals. And thanks to our supporters, 2016 has been an extremely successful year. • We’ve added more than 49 million farm animals… Read More

Egg labels are confusing enough

There is an egg company with a logo that says ‘certified happy.’ Their egg cartons are printed with “We set new higher standards for egg production focused on enhanced animal welfare (exceeding standards laid down by Humane Farm… Read More

What’s the difference between a factory farm turkey and a Certified Humane® turkey?

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we wanted to explain the difference between a turkey raised in a factory farm and a turkey raised Certified Humane®. In factory farms, turkeys are so overcrowded, they often climb onto each… Read More

Humane Farm Animal Care response to DXE video

Recently, a video surfaced about the welfare of some chickens on a Certified Humane farm.  As soon as the video surfaced, we sent one of our highly-qualified poultry inspectors to do an unannounced inspection of the farm. Whenever… Read More

Brazil… not only hosting the Olympics, but improving the welfare of farm animals

Like many of you, I have been watching the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil every night. I love watching our athletes and enjoy the stories about the host nation and its people. This worldwide event brings nations… Read More

The Mission of Humane Farm Animal Care

“Animals are sentient beings. They can feel. They can feel pain and they can feel frustration. As a society, we should just remember that you need to have respect and compassion for any living thing. What we’re doing… Read More

Certified Humane® training programs help improve farm animal welfare in South America

When you talk to Adroaldo Zanella, DVM, a member of Humane Farm Animal Care’s (HFAC) Scientific Committee since 2005 and Professor of Animal Welfare at the University of São Paulo Veterinary School of Medicine in Pirassununga, São Paulo,… Read More

Certified Humane Annual Report

Since 2003, Humane Farm Animal Care has worked tirelessly to introduce humane standards of care for farm animals in the U.S. and around the world. Since then, 514,514,848 million cows, pigs, chickens, and other farm animals have been… Read More

Egg producers commit to stop killing male chicks by 2020

An awful farming practice may finally come to an end by 2020, thanks to potential advances in “egg sexing” technology. Since 2009, Certified Humane® has been advocating for the elimination of the inhumane culling of male chicks in… Read More

Deceptive practices leave farm animals suffering

There is a special irony in the work we do here at Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC). After launching HFAC in 2003 based on the farm animal care standards created by the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Protection… Read More