Pocono Organics

“Earning the Certified Humane® certification is an honor for our farm and team,” said Ashley Walsh, Founder and President of Pocono Organics. “Being recognized by Certified Humane® is a distinction that shows the level of commitment we have for animals on our farm. The Certified Humane® logo represents the highest ethical standards for how we treat our animals.”

Nestled in the iconic Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania, Pocono Organics sprawls over 380 acres and is one of the largest Regenerative Organic Certified (ROC) farms in North America and the world’s first and only ROC hemp grower. As a global center for Research, Education, and Innovation, Pocono Organics has a strategic partnership with Rodale Institute, the world leaders in regenerative organic science. Pocono Organics became one of Rodale’s largest Regional Resource Centers in early 2022 and hosts PhD scientists who conduct numerous studies on soil health, nutrient density, UV light pest management, and carbon sequestration.

A champion for agrobiodiversity and food sovereignty, Pocono Organics partnered with the Crop Trust, the stewards of the Doomsday Seed Vault in Svalbard, Norway, in 2020 to host the first global Food Forever Experience held at a farm – telling a story from soil and seed to chef and plate. The educational and food-forward event brought together notable regional chefs who were challenged to envision and create plates from ancient and lesser-known foods such as amaranth, fonio, tepary bean, and partenon zucchini.

Sustainability is at the heart of the farm’s mission and in 2019, Pocono Organics was awarded the Environmental Innovator of the Year by the Green Sports Alliance. The farm draws power from a 3MW, 25-acre solar farm and has the ability to reclaim rainwater from 70,000 square feet of roofs for irrigation.

Pocono Organics also serves the local community through its Clean Food, Dirty Hands school education program and veterans in transition through a Veteran Farmer Training Program in partnership with the Rodale Institute. The property includes a farmer’s market and café with a 56-room adjoining hotel and is an agritourism destination and a host location for annual festivals. Please visit www.PoconoOrganics.com to learn more about Pocono Organics’ mission and work.

Pocono Organics Pasture Raised Eggs can be purchased at Pocono Organics Market in Long Pond, PA.

(Please note: Certified Humane® certification is complementary to regenerative systems, including Regenerative Organic Certified and other individual programs. The Certified Humane® program verifies farm animal welfare practices that are a critical piece of a complete regenerative agricultural system. Certified Humane® standards ensure these animals are not overcrowded and they are offered the right grasses for their species and the region. Grazing habits are managed by rotating animals around a pasture to verdant areas with plant life at the right stage of their growth cycle for grazing and maximum nutrient benefit. This is known as Rotational Grazing and done correctly, it will nourish the animals and stimulate long term pasture growth, naturally holding carbon in the soil. Follow this link to read more about Regenerative and Sustainable Agriculture.)