CV. Telur Ayam Bahagia

First Certified Humane® Farm in Indonesia

Founded by Professor Ali Agus, a Faculty of Animal Science professor at Gadjah Mada University in Indonesia, CV. Telur Ayam Bahagia is a company that raises multiple species of animals in the city of Yogyakarta and focuses on the vertical integration of food production guided by animal welfare principles.

With the addition of 1,000 cage-free Certified Humane® chickens, it is the latest company in Southeast Asia to apply the Certified Humane® logo on the packaging of its eggs, marketed by the AYAM BAHAGIA brand. It is the first farm in Indonesia to start producing Certified Humane® products.

“Our first unit was a premix and probiotics manufacturer. In 2017, I joined the company as Director and began to expand our unit to farm distribution and retail,” says Arya Khoirul Hammam, Director and son of Professor Ali Agus.

He adds: “In 2017, we developed functional eggs with consistently high nutrition. We wanted to include animal welfare in our operation so in 2018 we tried to develop our first free range model farm without any knowledge on the subject and faced many challenges until we found the Certified Humane® program.”


Director Arya Khoirul Hammam reports that after adopting the cage-free model according to Humane Farm Animal Care Standards, production has taken a leap in efficiency:

“Now we know the maximum density of birds that we must respect in the housing area and in the external area, the minimum number of drinkers and feeders, in addition to the space for nests and perches, as well as control of the management of the farm and how daily monitoring of production and welfare indicators must be done. When we tried to promote the free-range model ourselves, we ran into many problems that we didn’t know the answers to. The Certified Humane® program gave us a complete understanding of the free range farm model to guide us as producers”.


The adoption of animal welfare standards was not without its challenges according to Director Arya Khoirul Hammam. “It certainly takes time to adapt to the new management and train our staff in the new system. The way of managing the farm was our biggest challenge”.

“The value of our company lies in selling products from healthy animals raised with animal welfare principles. Applying Humane Farm Animal Care Standards gives us a competitive advantage within the sector,” he says.

AYAM BAHAGIA brand eggs are sold in the company’s own establishments: in the store, in the restaurant, and in the Amanjiwo Hotel, close to the temple of Borobudur. Contact CV. Telur Ayam Bahagia at