CAS Farm

CAS Farm is in the Ninh Thuan region of Vietnam and produces free-range eggs. A distinctive feature of the farm is the integration of a solar energy system, which not only reduces operational costs, but also minimizes the environmental impact.

One of the main hurdles to becoming Certified Humane® was finding reliable sources of antibiotic-free feed for their laying hens. Now, products from CAS Farm are gaining recognition among food retailers, food and beverage companies, and hotel chains in Vietnam.

Shoppers in Vietnam drive the demand for Certified Humane® free-range eggs. They are concerned about higher welfare standards for livestock animals.

“People are increasingly concerned about the origin of the food they eat and how it is produced,” says Tu Nguyen, Deputy Director of CAS Farm. “Farms that invest in more sustainable production, focusing on animal welfare, have a lot to communicate to shoppers.”

CAS Farm’s vision is focused on innovation, environmental responsibility, and respect for animals. Each egg produced is a testament to their commitment to creating a more sustainable and ethical world for future generations. Learn more about CAS Farm on Facebook