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Nature’s Yoke

Nature’s Yoke is a third generation, Weaver family-owned company.

In 1962, George Sr. developed an egg business right on the family farm. As demand grew, George recruited other local farmers to assist him in this new endeavor. Twenty-three years later, the business was passed on to George Jr., who was just as dedicated to providing the best eggs for the community. In 2000, Nature’s Yoke became an official brand. Today, George III manages and maintains the working of the company and continues to build on the legacy of his father and grandfather. Nature’s Yoke is still focused on quality and excellence and founded on integrity and wise stewardship. This is where Certified Humane® came into the picture.

Nature’s Yoke is dedicated to their customers, farmers, employees and their hens. All Nature’s Yoke eggs are free-range, ensuring their hens have plenty of fresh air and sunshine. The hens are given every privilege to roam about, to peck and scratch at will and to live a happy and productive life. Nature’s Yoke provides their hens with the best of care and nutrition, resulting in delicious eggs from happy hens.

It is important to Nature’s Yoke that their hens are carefully raised and cared for. Their Certified Humane® egg labels show that their free-range farms meet all HFAC’s rigorous standards and regularly pass thorough inspection processes.
Nature’s Yoke—try eggs at their finest!

To learn more, visit their website at: www.naturesyoke.com