NestFresh laying hensNestFresh was started as a family company with local farms in Colorado. The family wanted to create an egg company focused on animal welfare and environmental sustainability. They believed that treating animals humanely would benefit both hens and humans.

In the early years, NestFresh Eggs were produced and sold exclusively in Colorado, but soon they became Colorado’s favorite eggs, so they set out to offer their eggs across the country. They wanted to spread the NestFresh mission of providing more people with locally produced eggs and more hens with happy cage free lives. To do so, they partnered with regional, family-owned farms to produce and supply farm fresh NestFresh Eggs in a local system.

Now NestFresh produces Certified Humane®, USDA Organic, and Non-GMO Project verified eggs at family farms all over the country—from California to Texas to Pennsylvania. Each family farm in the NestFresh network is a business that shares NestFresh’s commitment to animal welfare and stewardship of the land. This network of family farms benefits farmers, communities, and the environment. The farms are able to provide jobs within local communities, support other local businesses, and reduce their impact on the environment.NestFresh Recipe

The Certified Humane® logo that NestFresh proudly bears ensures that each farm meets the same high standards for laying hen welfare. These farmers give their birds the healthy, humane lives they deserve.

NestFresh is part of the Certified Humane program because they believe that the statements on their cartons are more than empty marketing claims. NestFresh relies on experts to validate the humane aspects of their animal husbandry practices. Their products include Cage Free, Free Range, and Pasture Raised Eggs.
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