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La Granja Gallinas Libres

La Granja Gallinas Libres now is Certified Humane®

Champion Group, through their subsidiaries Avicola Andina S.p.A and La Granja S.A., is one of the largest Chilean producers of Certified Humane® cage-free eggs.  They are sold under La Granja Gallinas Libres brand.

As part of its philosophy, the company is dedicated to a high ethical standard of egg production and animal welfare observance as well as compliance with sanitary requirements, biosecurity and food safety regulations. “We want to reinforce to our customers and consumers our commitment to sustainable and responsible egg production,” the company says.

When founded almost 80 years ago, the company produced feed for farm animals. Forty years later, they expanded their operations to produce eggs. Moreover, they were the first farm in Chile to import specific genetic lines of laying hens for egg production.

In 2006, the Group acquired La Granja Ltda., a company exclusively dedicated to the production, processing and commercialization of eggs and egg products. In 2013, due to changes in the poultry industry, specifically related to production systems, it  decided to be a pioneer in the production and marketing of eggs coming from these cage-free alternative systems. Adopting this alternative cage-free housing meant their laying hens could engage in their natural behaviors, like flapping their wings and perching, in a comfortable and protected environment.  In new state-of-the-art aviaries equipped with automated collection systems, modern climate controls for optimum ventilation and thermal  protection, Certified Humane® standards are easily met which  improve the lives and comfort of the birds.

Motivated by the growing demand for food produced in a sustainable and animal welfare responsible way, the company started marketing its first cage-free eggs under the brand “La Granja Gallinas Libres” (LGGL) in 2013.

In 2018, La Granja joined the Certified Humane® program to show consumers their deep commitment to farm animal welfare and mission to provide a sustainable, responsible and humane environment for their laying hens .

“They understood that consumers drive this market and are demanding that eggs come from cage-free hens,” says Luiz Mazzon, Director of Instituto Certified Humane Brasil. “While La Granja adopted the cage-free system several years ago, it will be the Certified Humane® label on their egg cartons that will give consumers the reassurances that all aspects of the hen’s care, from housing and feeding to light and air quality, are being met every day on their farms.”

La Granja provides on-going and frequent staff training on care for the birds which has resulted in generating a bond between the laying hens and the workers. The company believes the welfare of their workers, their birds and the environment are all fundamental. Their mission is to maintain sustainable production, respect health standards,  while utilizing the best cage-free systems available in the industry.

La Granja Gallinas Libres is available in four main supermarket chains with the broad coverage nationwide. They also are meeting the growing interest of food manufacturers who  wish to use cage-free eggs as an ingredient in other egg products.

To learn more, visit their website at: www.la-granja.cl.