Want to be sure your chicken REALLY is humanely-raised?

Adele Douglass (left), Executive Director for Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC), meets with several third-party inspectors after an inspection on one of the farms in the Certified Humane® program. HFAC’s independent inspectors are experts in the veterinary and animal welfare field who are as passionate as you about ensuring that the Certified Humane® high standards of care are being met.

Did you hear the news?

This week, one of the nation’s largest poultry companies was forced to remove their “humanely-raised” label from their chicken products. Under their current program, they used current industry practices to base their claim.

As you know, that could never happen under Humane Farm Animal Care’s (HFAC) Certified Humane® program.

Since 2003, HFAC has been the leading international non-profit certification organization improving the lives of millions of farm animals in food production.

HFAC actually has detailed and precise humane standards of care for farm animals written by the best animal welfare scientists in the world. As a result, our Certified Humane® program ensures the humane treatment of farm animals as well as a living environment where animals can express their natural behaviors.

HFAC’s Animal Care Standards, written by our scientific committee, includes the highest humane slaughter standards for poultry. Not only do we have these humane standards, what separates us from the rest is that HFAC hires independent inspectors to visit farms in the Certified Humane® program. In fact, independent inspectors must have a Masters degree or Ph.D. in veterinary or farm animal welfare before they can ever be considered as an inspector for the Certified Humane® program.

This third party reporting ensures transparency and that Certified Humane’s® high standards of care are being met for the millions of cattle, pigs, chickens, laying hens, turkeys, sheep, goats, bison and dairy cows in the program.

As a non-profit certification program, Certified Humane® relies on our supporters to keep inspections independent and transparent.

So if you want to know if your chicken REALLY is humanely-raised, you only have to look for the Certified Humane® label.

To find a store near you that sells Certified Humane® products, visit www.certifiedhumane.org or download the free Certified Humane® App for iPhone or Google Play for Android.

As always, thank you for making a difference in the lives of millions of farm animals in food production. And, please remind friends and family that they can be Certified Humane® supporters too.