Toh Thye San Farm in Singapore, Certified Humane® Chicken Products

brown cage-free chickens in barnToh Thye San Farm, named for its founder Toh Thye San, began in 1979 as a small family farm and wholesaler located in Loyang, Singapore. Two generations later, Toh Thye San Farm remains a family-owned and family-operated business, now headquartered in Singapore with Certified Humane® broiler chicken farms located in Johor, Malaysia. “Toh Thye San is actually the name of my grandfather,” writes owner Kenny Toh. “Back then he started the farm in our own backyard with the whole family working hard on it. As it grew and age came on, he passed the baton to my father who, with the same family spirit and integrity, brought it to where it is today.”

As Toh Thye San Farm evolved, first as a farm and supplier to local markets in Singapore, and then again to meet environmental changes, Toh wanted to make sure that broiler chicken production continued to reflect the values upon which his family’s business was founded. “Certified Humane® is one of the names that came up on our radar immediately as it is an international certification with presence in the most countries and equipped with really strong animal welfare standards,” says Toh. “Both the Certified Humane® program and our philosophy are built on responsible and ethical farming, putting superior animal welfare and best practices as its core. We are the number 1 fans of our own produce and we have a conviction that ethical and responsible farming translates to the best tasting meats.”

Today, Toh Thye San Farm, and management company Gesing Group Sdn. Bhd, supply Certified Humane® chicken products to restaurants andbrown cage-free chickens in barn food production facilities throughout Singapore.  “We believe in going back to basics when it comes to farming, however we adopt modern technologies to help raise the quality of the product and also to reduce manpower requirements so that the products will be more consistent,” says Toh. “When you come to our farms, you will notice that the chickens would walk towards you and crowd around you. This actually translates to the chicken being really comfortable with humans because they have been really well taken care of by the farmers and that is something that we are really proud of.”

Certified Humane® chicken products from Toh Thye San Farm can be found in fine-dining restaurants throughout Singapore. “We are delighted to be serving the best restaurants in Singapore,” writes Toh. “This is a testament to our product quality and its suitability for every type of cuisine. Our customers are critically acclaimed and are recognized internationally with the receipt of awards such as Top 100 best in the world, of which we are proud to be supplying 2 out of the 3 inductees from Singapore.” For more information about Toh Thye San Farm products, visit their website at