Chew’s Agriculture Pte Ltd

Chew’s Agriculture Pte Ltd: the first Certified Humane® Egg Producer in Singapore

brown cage-free chickens in barnHumane Farm Animal Care is pleased to announce expansion to South East Asia and welcomes the first egg producer in Singapore to the Certified Humane® Raised and Handled Program. Chew’s Agriculture Pte Ltd began in Singapore as a family farm focused on various aspects of poultry and egg production. 30 years later, Chew’s Agriculture Pte Ltd remains a family-owned and family-operated business and joined the Certified Humane® program to meet a growing consumer demand for products labeled with verifiable animal welfare claims.

Chew’s Agriculture Pte Ltd was already using cage-free management systems for laying hens when they first reached out to the Certified Humane® Program through contacts at Humane Society International.  “We are a family of farmers and have always worked closely with our animals. They are like family too so of course their welfare is very important to us,” says company director Edvin Lim. “We already had a cage-free product so it was only natural that we joined the Certified Humane® program to bring our system to an international standard.”brown cage-free chickens in barn

In 2014, Chew’s Agriculture Pte Ltd predicted that there would be a demand for humane products in South East Asian supermarkets and began investing in the latest and best techniques for cage-free systems which allowed birds to have enough space to express natural behaviors such as foraging, interacting with other hens, and dust bathing. Chew’s Agriculture Pte Ltd believes that allowing the birds to behave this way keeps them happy and healthy, which improves the egg quality and in turn helps the company market cage-free eggs to its consumers.

brown cage-free chickens in barnEach cage-free egg is individually picked and labeled to guarantee that product has been subjected to strict quality controls. Chew’s Agriculture Pte Ltd cage-free eggs can be found at large supermarkets in Singapore, hotel chains, and online shopping sites such as Redmart and Amazon Prime. “Our aim is to bring ethical products which are respectful to the environment and animals, “says Lim. For more information about Chew’s Agriculture Pte Ltd cage-free eggs, visit