This Is How to Read Labels So You Buy the Best Chicken

From Reader’s Digest by Lindsay Mattison, Originally Published on Taste of Home

“A trip to the grocery store can be confusing, especially once you get to the butcher counter. What is best chicken to buy—organic, air chilled, free-range or something totally different?

I’m sure I’m not alone in my quest to make healthier choices. I’ve started buying organic produce whenever possible (especially those on the “dirty dozen” list) and choosing sustainable meats. They may be more expensive, but you can keep dinner affordable by bulking up the vegetable and starch portions of the plate. The biggest problem I’ve encountered while making these changes is that feeling of decision paralysis.

As soon as I see all those chicken labels, I freeze up. I mean, when you’re confronted with so many options—organic, antibiotic- or hormone-free, air-chilled, natural—how are you supposed to know the best chicken to buy?”

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