What’s the difference between a factory farm turkey and a Certified Humane® turkey?

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we wanted to explain the difference between a turkey raised in a factory farm and a turkey raised Certified Humane®. In factory farms, turkeys are so overcrowded, they often climb onto each… Read More

Certified Humane® label assures consumers that turkeys are raised under humane standards

(HERNDON, VA, USA) November 14, 2016 – If you care about the welfare of farm animals, then Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC) hopes you will shop for a Certified Humane® turkey online or at your local grocery store… Read More

All natural? How Thanksgiving shoppers can decipher turkey labels

Hadley Malcolm, USA TODAY   Shopping for a Thanksgiving turkey has become a moral and emotional brain puzzle. Consumers are left deciphering the disparate claims stamped on packages at the grocery store, wondering which version of “free” meat is the… Read More

Support a humane Thanksgiving: end turkey suffering and have a tasty meal all at the same time

Each year, over 10 billion animals raised for food in the U.S. endure inhumane treatment. Most are confined such that they can’t behave naturally. Sadly, turkeys are not immune to this cruelty. The biggest barrier is that most… Read More