Know your chickens — and your eggs

By Leila Philip, Boston Globe, Original Story Link, December 05, 2016 My mother keeps chickens — a mixed flock of tawny Buff Orpingtons, black-and-white-feathered Barred Rocks, Rhode Island Reds, and some rather histrionic long-necked Araucana hens from South… Read More

Egg-cellent picks for Easter dyeing

By Sarah Shemkus, Globe Correspondent March 18, 2016 Easter, as the song says, is on its way. And when we head to the store this year to buy the necessary eggs for coloring, we will face an unparalleled array… Read More

Why the egg industry is scrambling to set hens free

Governments, activists and big brands like McDonald’s and Nestle are putting increased pressure on egg producers to raise their hens more sustainably by Marc Gunther, December 28, 2015, The Guardian Americans eat about 265 eggs per person per… Read More