Ovobrand SA


Launched in 2008, Ovobrand, an egg farm, is the first farm in Argentina offering Certified Humane® labeled eggs.

Located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Ovobrand is the largest egg farm in Argentina, operating on 320 hectares (791 acres). Its name, they say, was inspired by OVO, which means “egg,” and BRAND, for the city where it is located, Coronel Brandsen.

Their production and processing facilities are located together, which allows and facilitates the control and traceability of processes and products from the beginning to the end of the supply chain. (Traceability is a critical requirement of Humane Farm Animal Care’s Animal Care Standards.) Ovobrand receives one-day-old chicks and raises them for 18 weeks before moving them into one of their egg laying aviaries.

“We always watch over the welfare of our birds, and take great care of their health and well-being,” says Octavio Gaspar, Manager at Ovobrand. “We recognize that consumers are interested in knowing where their food comes from, choosing the most natural foods that are friendly with the environment and human health. In the case of egg production, consumers want to know that the laying hens are comfortable and allowed to express their natural behaviors.”

To meet consumer demand, Ovobrand was determined to better meet the social, mental and physical needs of their birds by beginning the conversion to a cage-free environment and “learning new production methods for raising and keeping hens cage-free,” Octavio says. “So, we started looking for a certification program with strong credentials and that was well-respected by animal organizations around the world. Several international animal welfare groups that we trusted suggested Humane Farm Animal Care’s program.”

Ovobrand agreed with HFAC’s philosophy and Animal Care Standards and requested, in 2017, to be a part of the Certified Humane Raised and Handling® program. It took a few months for Ovobrand to make the necessary changes to their barns to meet HFAC’s standards.

“We are very grateful to the Certified Humane team for helping us transition to cage-free production methods,” says Octavio. “We have already noticed that the birds are happier and that the staff working in the cage-free barn seem to have a different and more connected relationship with the hens. They interact more with each other and the hens seem more awake.”

Working under Humane Farm Animal Care’s strict protocols, Ovobrand becomes the first Argentine company to produce Certified Humane® eggs. About 150 staff work in their modern processing plant, where their wide-range of premium egg and egg products are produced, or in their barns overseeing the care and well-being of the laying hens.

“We’re not a family business, but after 10 years and with so many dedicated people, it feels like a family business,” says Octavio. “We are now glad to be a part of Humane Farm Animal Care’s family, and the Certified Humane certification program.”

To learn more, visit their website at: www.ovobrand.com.