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Huevos Santa Marta

Huevos Santa Marta (Agrícola Santa Marta de Liray S.A.) is located in the District of Colina, Metropolitan region of Santiago de Chile.

Launched in the 1990s, this family business started poultry farming when egg distribution to supermarkets was inadequate. “The suppliers lacked distribution and eggs weren’t always available,” says Jose Luis Moure Barros, General Manager.

So Agrícola Santa Marta de Liray S.A. initiated a start-up egg farm with special emphasis on delivering to large supermarkets. Working with the veterinary community, the farm’s staff learned how to raise and care for laying hens through on-going trainings that are part of the company’s overall policies on animal welfare.

Today, more than 220 employees care for 700,000 laying hens in state-of-the-art facilities. In 2018, the farm introduced higher animal welfare standards by launching the Certified Humane® program with 11,000 of its hens.

“After an international certification analysis and because of Humane Farm Animal Care’s mission towards farm animal welfare all over the world, we believe that Certified Humane® brings together everything we need, in terms of animal welfare and consumer credibility,” says Jose Luis Moure Oportot, Founder and CEO.

“The development of the cage-free egg market and the company’s commitment to animal welfare made it an easy decision to join the Certified Humane® program,” says Jose Luis Moure Barros, General Manager. “It makes us happy to see the birds showing their natural behaviors, like running and dust bathing.”

Barros says Huevos Santa Marta is a company committed not just to the hens, but to the environment. The farm’s on-site composting plant produces high-quality compost from the laying hens manure, which is applied as fertilizer on agricultural land. “Because it’s created by means of an automated aerobic composting system, the process doesn’t produce methane (CH4) and greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming,” says Barros.

Huevos Santa Marta’s cage-free eggs are available in Cencosud, within Jumbo stores – one of the largest supermarket chains in Chile.

To learn more, visit their website at: www.asml.cl