Ludwig Farmstead Creamery

Ludwig Farmstead Creamery sits on a 150 acre dairy farm in the Central Illinois town of Fithian.  The farm has been operated by the Ludwig family for five generations, and excels at raising high quality, Certified Humane® Holstein cattle under the direction of their award-winning herdsman.
The Ludwig family places great emphasis on the humane treatment of their herd, ensuring that each animal is well looked after.  Dave Ludwig says he and his family grew up farming in a hands-on working environment.  Younger family members fed baby calves, cleaned stalls and fed hay, while the older ones would milk, feed and handle the mature animals.  Today, the calves on the farm are left with their mothers for a period to ensure a natural mother-calf relationship is established.
The Ludwig Farmstead Creamery uses only the milk from their herd to produce farmstead style cheese, and the staff takes pride in using “morning-fresh milk” direct


from their cows.  The idea of establishing a creamery on-site was the vision of Jacob “Jake” Ludwig who developed a passion for cheese making after graduating from the University of Illinois in 2009.  Sadly, Jake passed away before his vision of establishing a creamery could be completed, but his father Dave successfully realized his son’s dream shortly thereafter. Customers can still taste the habanero Havarti that was Jake’s specialty along with the other award winning varieties crafted by the creamery’s
master cheese maker, Fons Smits.
Fons Smits
Ludwig Farmstead Creamery’s traditional European style cheeses are sold predominantly in Illinois, Indiana and Missouri at farmers markets, as well as in select retail markets and restaurants.  The Creamery features 7 Certified Humane® cheeses, including their Kickapoo and Feather Ridge varieties that recently were named grand champions at the Illinois State Fair.To learn more, visit their website at:

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