Lathem Family Farms

David Lathem, owner of Lathem Family Farms, is no stranger to raising poultry. As a second generation poultry farmer he grew up carrying feed bags to feed the chickens.  His first job after graduating from the University of Georgia was visiting chicken farmers  as an extension specialist.  Therefore, it is natural he now owns and operates Lathem Family Farms, a flourishing poultry farm nestled in the beautiful pine trees of Pendergrass, GA.Lathem Family Farm

David’s interest in the Certified Humane® program was piqued following visits to Pete & Gerry’s Organic Eggs and Wilcox Farms, both Certified Humane® egg companies.  Impressed with the Certified Humane® program’s honorable reputation and the farmers that were part of it, he decided he wanted to do something that was in the true spirit of animal welfare and become a Certified Humane® company. In March of 2012, Lathem Family Farms earned the Certified Humane® designation.

Lathem Family Farms remains a family-run business, with Mr. Lathem’s nephew, Evan, working to preserve the Lathem legacy. The farm raises Hi-Line Brown, Bovan Brown, and ISA Brown laying hens. David took a lot of care choosing how to house his birds. It was important for raising his chicks, to make sure they have an enriching and stimulating environment. Once the hens are mature, they are moved into an aviary, which provides them with many different levels to explore and lots of perching. To ensure that the birds are breathing clean air, David enlisted the expertise of a ventilation specialist from the University of Georgia. The birds freely roam the aviary as well as having free access to an outdoor area.  David states “The hens are happy and doing well!”

Lathem Family Farm

As a new company on the Certified Humane® program Lathem Family Farms has  plans to expand their operation, but not lose sight of what remains important; the welfare of the laying hens.  Consumers can find Lathem Family Farms eggs in the Kirkland Signature Organic Brown Eggs at Costco in 6 southeast states and Puerto Rico.

For information on where to find other Certified Humane® products in your area, visit the “Shop” page of HFAC’s website.