Les Viandes du Breton/Animal Welfare: Why Should We Care? (Digital Journal)

TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwired – April 29, 2015) –

A special conference is being hosted at the SIAL CANADA 2015 event in Toronto by Les Viandes du Breton, the largest producer and processor of organic and natural pork in North America. Quebec-based Les Viandes du Breton is a division of Breton Foods Canada, a family business founded in 1944.

Better choices, better quality

Vincent Breton, president and CEO of Les Viandes du Breton, strongly supports improving farming conditions for animals to make their care more humane, stating, “Rallying governments and organizations around the Certified Humane® program applicable to all animal farming operations (beef, poultry, dairy and pork) requires constant vigilance and commitment. That is why this meeting is important for all of us.”

Adele Douglass, guest speaker and founding executive director of the non-profit organization Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC), will set the table for a discussion on the comparison of HFAC standards to Canadian government codes of practice and standards for beef, poultry and pork. Feed and water, environment, management, health, transportation and slaughter will be key topics. Dana McCauley, founder of Food Trends TV, will be serving as moderator.

Through its eponymous brand and leveraging its stature as an internationally renowned company, duBreton has been strengthening messages to its vast consumer base over the past decade concerning animal welfare for all meat farm animals.

Consumer concern for responsible animal farming practices is growing. Adele Douglass reported the following results of a recent study conducted by HFAC, which administers the Certified Humane® program:

  • 72% wanted to better understand humane farm animal raising and handling through the Certified Humane program in order to more effectively help improve the lives of farm animals.
  • 82% indicated that they would support efforts to enable animals to express their natural behaviours.
  • 60% consume meat, dairy and eggs on a regular basis.
  • 90% were women.

Presenting Certified Humane®

Beyond the in-store environment, today’s consumers want to know not only where their meat comes from but also how it was produced. “That is why we have expanded and adopted a more responsible and reliable approach to animal production,” explained Mr. Breton. “This system is based on a philosophy of respect for animals’ living conditions, development and processing as well as for the overall production environment. Les Viandes du Breton is going far above and beyond by accepting a new level of responsibility concerning the importance of treatment of animals. As producers, we have been ahead of the curve in this area, and we intend to maintain our leadership role in this regard. It is an expression of our mission and values.”

DuBreton: A family business, a tradition of quality

The year 1944 marked the beginning of a new company built by a passionate young farming couple named Napoleon and Adrienne Breton. Over time and through acquisitions and development of other companies, the Breton Foods Canada group became one of the jewels of the Quebec agri-food production industry, particularly in the pork sector. Now a leading pork processing specialist, duBreton’s goal is to satisfy the tastes of the world’s greatest chefs, restaurants and homes throughout Canada, the United States, Asia and Europe. DuBreton offers a complete range of pork products from organic to conventional and, through its recently launched Rustic Farm Pork line, with increased focus on humane farming techniques.

About Certified Humane®

The Certified Humane® program was founded in 2003. DuBreton was the first pork producer in North America to apply for certification and was approved on September 17, 2003. No other major pork producer in Canada or the U.S. has applied for inspection and certification.

Certified Humane® is the certification and labelling program administered by HFAC. Certified Humane is an international certification program under which facilities have been certified to date in Canada, the U.S., Brazil and Peru. Certified Humane products can be found in 15,000 supermarkets throughout all four countries. An easy store locator is available online at http://media3.marketwire.com/r/certifiedhumane or in the form of a free app for iPhone or Android.

Additional information on the conference is available at www.dubreton.com/en or via duBreton’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn accounts.