Don’t be fooled by food labels

Food labels can be confusing. These days, almost everyone is slapping labels onto egg cartoons and meat products to assure you that their products come from happy farm animals.

But the truth is, those labels don’t prove anything. Those labels don’t have standards or inspectors behind them. Those labels are often just words and gimmicks to get you to buy a product.

That’s why we ask you to look for the Certified Humane® label whenever you are buying meat, poultry, dairy or egg products.

As a nonprofit agency, Humane Farm Animal Care developed the Certified Humane® label to assure consumers that farm animals are raised under the highest standards as established by a scientific committee – all worldwide experts in farm animal care.

Not only do we put the Certified Humane® standards on our website for all to see, but unlike other programs, we also hire independent, third-party experts to inspect every farm in our program.

These inspectors are actual animal welfare experts who must have a Master’s degree or Ph.D. in farm animal welfare or in veterinary medicine before they can become an inspector for the Certified Humane® program.

This third party reporting ensures transparency and that Certified Humane’s® high standards of care are being met for the millions of cattle, pigs, chickens, laying hens, turkeys, sheep, goats, bison and dairy cows in the program.

What happens if a farm fails an inspection? They are not permitted in our program. There is no “phase-in” period for compliance. You must meet all of Certified Humane’s Animal Care Standards from day one.

The good news is, the farms we work with eagerly comply with Certified Humane’s Animal Care Standards. These farmers care deeply about their animals and want you to know, through the Certified Humane product label, that they are meeting Certified Humane’s standards of care.

As a consumer, you can be sure the Certified Humane® label is not a gimmick, but an actual program with inspectors and standards that farmers must follow in order to be in the program.

You can support farmers committed to animal welfare by shopping Certified Humane® today or by downloading the free Certified Humane app.

Through the power of your pocketbook, you can show the world that there are people who care about the humane treatment of farm animals.