Jamie Oliver offers some tips on how to be an ethical shopper

Jamie Oliver ethical shopperIn a recent online article, Daniel Nowland for JamieOliver.com offers some tips on how to be an ethical shopper and, as a strong supporter of Certified Humane®, explains what to look for when buying animal products.

Here’s some of what he writes: “With so much talk of sustainability, seasonality and animal welfare surrounding the food we eat, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin if we want to align the food we’re buying with our own personal values.”

In this second part of my article on ethical shopping, I explain what to look out for when buying animal products and how to stay smart when you do your weekly shop…

…5. Read labels and ask about animal welfare. Beware of labels that look green and ethical but that don’t actually mean anything. Certified products, such as RSPCA Assured, Certified Humane or Animal Welfare Approved are the best guarantees of a meaningful label.”

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