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Screamin’ Grocery Store Deals:  16 Cheap, Organic Foods

Lisa Turner

Posted: October 22, 2010 09:33 AM

Can you eat a healthy, whole foods, mostly organic diet, even on a shoestring budget? As a frequent and thrifty shopper, I know it can be done — even if you’re not a vegetarian. First, a few rules:

  • Eat in. Restaurant meals are pricey and rarely use the highest quality ingredients. Learn to whip up a few cheap and easy meals — a great omelet, a highly spiced bean and vegetable stew — and you’ll save yourself a bundle.
  • Eat in season. It’s almost always cheaper, and probably better for your body.
  • Eat less meat. It’s expensive on any budget, and most people eat too much of it. Shift your intake to vegetarian (cheaper) sources of protein, and use meat in small portions, as an addition to meals, rather than the main feature.
  • Eat less in general. What would happen if you cut your daily caloric intake by 10 percent? In theory, you’d cut your food budget by 10 percent as well, and you’d probably fare better for it. (And some very compelling research suggests that restricting calorie intake can increase lifespan and reduce the incidence of age-related disease.)

On your next shopping trip, choose from this thrifty list of 16 screamin’ deals — and see how much you save:

As a protein source, they’re as good as it gets. Even the organic, Certified Humane varieties are cheap, cheap.