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Lime Fresh Mexican Grill: The Next Five Guys?

By Christina Staalstrom, Tue., Oct. 19 2010 @ 4:28PM

Miami’s own Lime Fresh Mexican Grill may be the nation’s fastest growing chain. Just last week, a new place opened down by the Miami Courthouse. Another new place opens this week In Orlando. And the firm just inked a a deal with lagging Ruby Tuesday’s chain to open 200 new restaurants across the nation.

The new downtown location of Lime Fresh Mexican Grill is at Flagler Street by the courthouse. It’s the ninth location for the 6-year-old chain. Tables and chairs set on the sidewalk entice lunchtime lawyers and bankers to swing by for a taco or two.

Diners will have to turn a blind eye to daytime street congestion and downtown panhandlers to get their Lime fix, but Harold Garcia, general manager does not seem concerned, “We are excited about bringing Lime to downtown. The area is changing and the vibe and crowds are a good fit for our brand.” Open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., the place offers some new additions to the menu: such as the steak n’cheese taco; their take on the Philly cheesesteak and the bacon & bean quesadilla; a chicken quesadilla hiding behind a vegetarian name

Garcia tells us that the place also “offers the option of making anything on the menu vegetarian.” As the only certified humane restaurant of its kind, it comes from a homegrown team that seems to have the magic touch. Will the Midas touch translate to the next 200 locations? Only time will tell.

Stop by this weekend or head on over on your lunch break. The salsas are abundant, the tortillas are warm and, starting next week when they get their liquor license, the frozen sangria will start flowing.

Lime Fresh Mexican Grill
7 West Flagler Street, Miami