Hudson Heights Gazette Review of Certified Humane®

Frank’s Market, however, carries a limited selection of fresh meats that carry the label Certified Humane®.  This label intrigued me so I did a little further research.

Certified Humane® seems to carry some real weight.  It is a trademarked label of Humane Farm Animal Care, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to promoting the humane and ethical production of meat in the United States.  Its board includes officials of the ASPCA and Humane Society.  Farmers must comply with the corporation’s standards for raising and slaughtering their livestock.  The corporation’s website is extremely useful and lists farmers that produce meat according to allegedly rigorous standards as well as restaurants that sell Certified Humane® products.

At Frank’s Market, I found Murray’s Chicken and Heartland Meadow’s beef.  Both products are Certified Humane® and are listed at  I purchased both products and they tasted great.  Murray’s chicken in particular had a genuine flavor that is completely absent in your average supermarket poultry (I’m eating it as I write this).  I strongly recommend a visit to that website to identify the limited number of local farms that produce certified products.