Green Connect

Founded in 2020 by CEO Huynh Hanh Phuc, Green Connect produces cage-free eggs in the Nhon Trach district in Dong Nai province, Vietnam.

With about five thousand laying hens raised to Certified Humane® Farm Animal Care Standards, Green Connect produces between 70,000 and 90,000 eggs per month at the peak of production under the brand called 3 Mộc.

“We want to send a signal and some inspiration to other farmers to convert their cage model to the cage-free chicken model,” explains CEO Huynh Hanh Phuc.

Guided by the goal of implementing a production method that ensures the well-being of the birds, Green Connect looked to incorporate Certified Humane® practices.

“We learned that chickens outnumber any other animal on Earth, but if raised in cages, they are prevented from performing various natural behaviors. I think that humans, in their quest for happiness, should at least respect animals, since they serve us with their eggs and meat,” comments Huynh Hanh Phuc.