DuBreton® is number one producer of Certified Humane® organic pork

DuBreton®, Is Changing Family Mealtime
Dana McCauley, Canadian food trend and culinary expert, has partnered with duBreton®, the number one producer of Certified Humane® organic pork.

January 26, 2016, CANADA – Two key trends are changing family mealtime in Canada: time-crunched home cooks are no longer willing to sacrifice healthy and good for quick and processed, and there is a growing movement of consumers who care about ethical food production and what we choose to eat and share with our families. All-Canadian farming trailblazer, duBreton®, North America’s number one producer of Certified Humane Raised and Handled® (Certified Humane®) and organic pork, is making the choice easier by offering the highest quality premium pork products, including nitrite-free sliced hams and fresh organic cuts that can be quickly and easily integrated into family meals and part of a balanced diet. With a few simple tips and tricks, any home cook can prepare delicious, tender and juicy pork meals that come together in no time.

Add a Healthy Bite to Mealtime Madness
Not all pork is raised and handled equally and if you care about the quality of what’s on your fork, it is worth checking out duBreton®. You can feel good about your choice as duBreton® Certified Humane® pigs are raised to the highest standards, which include a nutritious vegetarian diet, no antibiotics, free access to shelter, hay or straw bedded resting areas to avoid discomfort, sufficient space and the ability to engage in natural behaviours, including playing and rooting. Every aspect is approached with respect for the animals to reduce stress and fear and results in the best-tasting pork.

Lean pork is rich in protein, B vitamins, iron, magnesium and zinc, and provides all nine essential amino acids. The low sodium content of lean pork also makes it an excellent choice. DuBreton® offers many fresh, lean organic cuts including tenderloin and chop. What’s more, DuBreton® also has nitrite-free sliced ham in its Rustic Farm Pork line. This sliced ham has only natural ingredients such as sea salt, vinegar, lemon juice concentrate and fruit extracts.

Dana McCauley, Canadian food trend and culinary expert, has partnered with duBreton® to create quick and healthy #duBretonDelicious meals that you and your family can feel good about.

“Our attitudes to food have drastically changed and we have become a nation of label readers, truly caring about how our food is produced and how we can reduce unnecessary additives, preservatives, and chemicals from our food is no longer unusual,” says Dana McCauley. “DuBreton® is redefining better quality pork as Certified Humane®, and the result is a simply delicious, versatile meat that can be used in a variety of quick and easy meals.”

DuBreton® Pork Perfect for Today’s Top Trends
Dana McCauley identified duBreton® as a leader in the top five food trends that are making their way to dinner tables across Canada:

Quick and Healthy – This has been a trend for a while, but we are more time crunched and consumers want proof, such as a third-party authentic certification, that demonstrate a company’s commitment to quality. DuBreton® has many highly credible and independent certifications and produces the best quality meat. Pork is one of the easiest meats to cook and in less than 30 minutes you can prepare duBreton® pork dishes that provide the healthy vitamins and minerals that many other food options lack.

Snacks – Canada is a nation of snackers, with more and more of us eating smaller meals throughout the day, while still focussed on finding nutritional choices without harmful chemicals. DuBreton® nitrite-free ham is an easy way to add nutrients without any chemical additives or preservatives. Check out Dana McCauley’s recipes for “Hawaiian Quesadillas” and “Zesty Hot Ham & Cheese Crostini” for tasty snack options. You can also see how quickly the “Zesty Hot Ham & Cheese Crostini” recipe comes together in this #duBretonDelicious video starring Dana McCauley.

Breakfast for Dinner – All-day breakfast-inspired dishes are the newest trend and duBreton® nitrite-free ham is a natural, protein-packed addition that can be served as a side or incorporated in to dishes such as omelettes. Each slice of ham includes at least 20 per cent meat protein and, unlike many other ham products, you can actually feel the quality and meat fibres in duBreton’s nitrite-free sliced ham.

Internationally Inspired – Canada’s multicultural landscape continues to add flavour and influence to our meals. DuBreton® pork is an ideal ingredient in many international dishes because it is easily adaptable to a variety of flavours. Try Dana McCauley’s “Char Siu Style Roasted Pork Tenderloin” and “Sweet and Spicy Thai Pork Chops” for quick and healthy options that are better than take-out, and without the additives.

Ethical Sourcing – Canadians care about what they put in their bodies and are using their power as consumers to inspire change. DuBreton® is a pioneer and world leader of this trend as the first North American pork producer to be verified Certified Humane®. DuBreton is also certified by the Global Animal Partnership which promotes and encourages the highest standards of animal welfare and quality production. DuBreton® currently supplies many recognized leaders and innovators in food retailing including Whole Foods, Sobeys and Longo’s. DuBreton® recently announced a major investment to its crate-free commitment to help keep up with consumer demand for its organic and Certified Humane® pork.

Dana McCauley’s top tips to preparing tender and juicy pork every time include:
1. Don’t overcook pork. Slightly pink in the middle maintains all the juicy flavour and is perfectly safe.

2. Don’t cut the meat while it’s cooking. This is a big no-no! When you cut the pork, the juices flow out and the meat becomes dry.

3. Use a meat thermometer. When the internal temperature of the meat reaches 140° – 145°F (60° – 63°C), remove it from the oven or grill.

4. Let cooked pork rest. Cover it loosely with aluminum foil or parchment paper and allow it to rest for 10 to 15 minutes. Glazed pork is an exception and should be left to sit uncovered for five minutes otherwise the coating will sweat off. Letting cooked pork rest is one of the easiest ways to conserve all of the delicious juices and flavour.

Raising Pigs with Integrity and Pride
“Consumers need to vote with their wallets,” says Dana McCauley. “If you care about animal welfare, do your research and find companies that are making a difference and can prove it through independent certification. I’ve found that duBreton® Certified Humane® pork is not only the highest possible quality, their commitment to the very best farming practices makes them a positive choice. The care at every step makes the pork taste better, too.”

DuBreton® believes in making a difference to redefine the farming industry, and is leading the natural and organic market, as demonstrated through its numerous certifications.