Certified Humane ranks #1 in Food Demand Survey

Jayson Lusk, food and agricultural economist, recently reported on the December 2015 edition of the Food Demand Survey (FooDS), which tracks consumer preferences and sentiments on the safety, quality, and price of food at home and away from home with particular focus on meat demand.

One of the questions added this month dealt with “consumer perceptions of different animal welfare labels,” Lusk says.

Specifically, respondents were asked: “Which of the following labels, if seen on a meat or animal product in a grocery store, do you think would indicate and assure the highest and lowest levels of farm animal welfare?

Participants viewed nine different labels (randomly ordered) and were asked to indicate the 3 labels with the highest level of animal welfare and the three labels with the lowest level of animal welfare. We are pleased to report that Certified Humane ranked #1 in the survey.

To read Jayson Lusk’s original story, visit here.