Certified Humane continues making progress for farm animals


Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC) is on a mission to create a Certified Humane® world for farm animals. And thanks to our supporters, 2016 has been an extremely successful year.

• We’ve added more than 49 million farm animals to the program, going from 103 million farm animals raised Certified Humane® in 2015 to more than 152 million in 2016.

• Since HFAC launched in 2003, more than 667 million farm animals have been raised in the Certified Humane® program.

• HFAC now operates in five countries – the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Chile and Peru.

• Certified Humane® cat food and dog treats became available to pet owners in 2016, in addition to the Certified Humane® dog food already in the program.

• BRF Brasil – one of the largest food companies in the world – joined the Certified Humane® program for 33 of their chicken farms and eight turkey farms in 2016.

• Korin Agropecuária, the largest organic chicken producer in Brazil and the first Brazilian company to attain Certified Humane® certification in 2009, began exporting frozen chicken with the Certified Humane® label to more than 80 supermarkets operating in Hong Kong.

Thanks to our supporters, we’re able to work with farmers and producers, hire third-party inspectors – all farm animal welfare experts – to ensure our program standards are met. We also can educate consumers about how to download our free Certified Humane® app to find Certified Humane® meat, pork, chicken, eggs, dairy and pet food products near them.

We couldn’t make a difference without the support of many compassionate people who care about the welfare of farm animals in food production. Thanks to everyone who helped in 2016.