2 Aug

Back in March we told you about Plan B Burger Bar opening up a restaurant in the Stamford Town Center.  Then, you most likely sighed when you saw the opening was sometime in the fall of 2012.  Fall?  No summer without burgers, American craft beers, and bourbon?  Well, sigh no more.  Plan B Burger Bar will be open for business this Saturday, 8/4, starting at 2 pm!  

There are lots of things that we’re excited about in terms of Plan B Burger Bar opening up in Stamford.  First of all, the meat they use is never frozen and is ground in the restaurant every day.  Secondly, this beef is Certified Humane® which means they are allowed to graze to their four-stomachs’ content, they aren’t fed junk, and they aren’t treated with antibiotics.  Plus, whenever they can, they get food, beer, and more locally…

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