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Winter Winds Farm, Victor, Idaho

Welcome to the, “quiet side,” of the Teton Mountains, home to Winter Winds Farm, a Certified Humane® producer of Artisan Goat Cheese and Cold-pressed Goat Milk Soap. Nestled in southern end of the Teton Valley lies Victor, Idaho, namesake of a famous postal carrier who would deliver mail over the Teton Pass to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

“We met on the Washington, DC Ultimate Frisbee circuit through mutual friends,” writes Jessica Konrath, partner and junior cheesemaker at Winter Winds Farm. “Always planning to move out West to be closer to Mark’s family, we were excited to discover the opportunity to purchase Winter Winds Farm.”

A native Idahoan, Mark Farmer, Chief Farming Officer of Winter Winds Farm, spent over a decade working in Washington, DC. Before meeting Jessica, Mark writes that, “he never would have thought that he would move back to Idaho to raise goats and make cheese, but her passion for goats and love of cheese is infectious.”

Together with Senior Cheese Maker Lacey McNeff, Winter Winds Farm proudly producers Certified Humane® goat milk products, available locally in markets, stores, and restaurants.

In addition to artisan products produced year- round, Winter Winds Farm also offers seasonal tours, event space, and encourages visitors to take part in a unique hircine experience: Goat Snuggle Sessions. As Winter Winds Farm writes, “Why Snuggle Sessions you ask? Goats are very social and curious animals. When they aren’t running, jumping, bucking, and playing with each other they love to stay warm in cuddle piles or in the arms and laps of visitors. Snuggle sessions are an excellent way to help socialize the kids and teach them that people are awesome.”

For more information about products, tours and events, or to book your Goat Snuggle Session, visit the farm at WinterWindsFarm.com.

To view photos of Goat Snuggle Sessions, follow Winter Winds Farm on Instagram and Facebook.