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Utopihen Farms

With a commitment to sustainable farming, the humane treatment of animals, and support for small family farms, Utopihen Farms enters the market with their Certified Humane® Pasture Raised Eggs. Chickens (and ducks) are considered partners in their farming venture and Utopihen Farms urges consumers to ask themselves to imagine what the world would be like if all hens and people worked together taking small steps to add up to big change.

An Innovative Approach to Working With Family Farms

Utopihen Farms help their farmers create thriving businesses where each farmer owns their own farm and hens. This model supports entrepreneurial farming, where farmers make their own business decisions and growing their flocks in the way they desire, while also meeting Utopihen’s requirements for Certified Humane® Pasture Raised, USDA Organic, and non-GMO. By offering support and handling the packaging and selling to retailers, Utopihen Farms takes an expensive and time-consuming aspect of hen farming off the shoulders of small family farms, and means farmers can focus on what’s most important to them — caring for their hens and eggs.

More Than a Brand – a Movement

At Utopihen Farms the future is bright. Not because they see it through rose-colored glasses, but because they work on making it so. And they know you do too. Your desire to care for the earth and every being on it is why Utopihen Farms is committed to Certified Humane® Pasture Raised and why their vision for the future goes even further. Utopihen Farms wants you to know that they are on a very real journey to create a better world through all types of initiatives designed to activate positive change.

To learn more about Utopihen Farms journey, visit www.utopihenfarms.com