The Power of the Consumer – Thank You!

Thank you so much for voting with your voices as well as your pocketbooks!  Your response to the blog post  about The Pump restaurant in NYC really had an impact.  We received  hundreds of emails from you letting us know you wrote to The Pump, asking them why they’d stopped buying Certified Humane® chicken, and informing them that you would not be eating there again.  Several of you started a discussion topic on The Pump’s Facebook page, and many of you posted on their blog. The response was so big that The Pump had to write a second post “attempting” to address these concerns, and then a third.  The Pump did not post many of your comments to their blog page.  That is unfortunate.   As you can see, you do have a big impact in the marketplace by making your voices heard. Thank you so much to all of you who participated in the discussion!

To keep the momentum going, don’t forget that there are many more ways to take action and support Certified Humane®. You can download a Grocer Request Form and take it to the grocery stores and supermarkets in your area, asking them to carry Certified Humane® products.  You can also start a petition to get a specific company to become Certified Humane® or to get a specific retailer to stock Certified Humane® products.  Of course, to stay in touch you can sign up for our newsletters and “like” us on Facebook. Most importantly, you can “vote with your pocketbook” and buy products that are Certified Humane® – visit our Where to Buy section on our website to find retailers in your area!

Together, we will make a difference!