The Country Egg

The Country Egg is proud to be a multi-generational family farm established in the early 1900’s in Oregon.  Today they pasture raise heritage breed hens in Arizona with a strict emphasis on natural and humane welfare practices. Their heritage breeds (Buff Orpingtons, French Black Copper Marans, Cream Legbars, Salmon Faverolles, Dominiques, Lakenvelders, Blue Andalusians, White-faced Black Spanish and Araucana) lay their eggs in the most stunning variety of sizes, shapes and beautiful colors. They specialize in local markets only which includes the Arizona Sprouts Farmers Markets and Whole Foods locations.

The DeSimone family says, “Our birds have an open-door policy that allows them to graze on pasture from dawn ‘til dusk. Our pastures are lush and fortified by re-cycling the chicken compost after every clean-out.  Since the birds are raised in Arizona where they can go out 365 days of the year, we also provide lots of shade, a misting system and cooling fans for their comfort. Grazing on pasture and rangeland gives them the bugs, worms, rocks and greens that produce a nutritious and delicious egg. They also receive a fermented mash of natural grains that make up their main diet, fermented alfalfa mash, loose natural grains like oats and barley, multi-grain scratch, oyster shell, grit, and fruits and vegetables. Additionally, we use Bragg® Organic Apple cider vinegar in their drinking water and diatomaceous earth in their nesting boxes, dusting boxes and throughout the barn. Choosing our eggs not only guarantees a fresh nutritious and delicious egg produced by humane practices, it also allows you to support your local farming community. We are members of the Arizona Farm Bureau and the Certified Humane® Raised and Handled program. Thank you for your support!”