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Teton Waters Ranch, Denver, Colorado

Teton Waters Ranch produces 100% grass-fed and grass-finished, fully-cooked beef products, including sausages, meatballs and frankfurters. Founded on a ranch in the Teton Valley of Idaho in 2009, and now based in Denver, Teton Waters Ranch has grown to become a leading brand of 100% grass-fed beef in the U.S.

Twelve years ago, Teton Waters Ranch founder, Jeff Russell, acquired land in Idaho that once held an industrial potato farm. With a passion for the west and environmental conservation, Jeff set out to restore the farm’s depleted fields with regenerative cattle grazing to restore the soil. He planted native grasses and grazed those grasses with cattle that naturally fertilized the soil and created a system that is both sustainable and healthy.

Today, Teton Waters Ranch works with thousands of cattle ranches here in the U.S. and around the world and is leading them to all become Certified Humane.

“But it’s not easy,” says David Rachlin, Chief Marketing Officer at Teton Waters Ranch. “Certified Humane has very rigorous standards and requires ranches to conform to different practices than they are accustomed to.  TWR’s experience in ranching and in managing ranch partnerships has led us to clearly understand what management practices make for the best quality, 100% Grass-Fed beef. The handling practices specified by Certified Humane’s protocols are strongly aligned with the mission of Teton Waters Ranch and the production of our high-quality beef.”

“We wanted third party verification on how cattle in the Teton Waters Ranch are raised, and the Certified Humane label provides that for us and reassures our customers that our claims are indeed valid,” says Rachlin.

Teton Waters Ranch uses only 100 percent grass-fed beef. “It’s better for you than beef from grain-fed cattle,” says Rachlin, and is higher in beta carotene, vitamin A, calcium, potassium, magnesium, omega 3s and CLAs. TWR cattle eat only grass, never grain, and are never confined to feedlots. They graze on open pastures, which helps to heal the soil, sequester atmospheric carbon and regenerate grassland when managed under holistic grazing practices.

“Our philosophy is that animals deserve to be treated in the most humane way possible, which starts with what they eat,” says Rachlin. “We think that is the most important thing for an animal’s well-being. Cattle evolved to eat grass, not grain. A grass-fed diet and open pastures are fundamental to us.”

Teton Waters Ranch is working to increase availability of and consumer demand for grass-fed beef. Retail sales of grass-fed beef in the U.S. has doubled each year since 2013, growing at 101 percent per year, with Teton Waters Ranch leading growth in their product categories.

Teton Waters Ranch’s redesigned packaging boasts the Certified Humane® label, which means all ranches that supply beef to Teton Waters Ranch raise cattle in accordance with strict Certified Humane® standards. Their products can be found in grocery stores across the U.S.

For more information, visit TetonWatersRanch.com.