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Stiebrs Farms

Stiebrs Farms began as the American dream of Latvian immigrants Jan and Zelma Stiebrs, who purchased 100 hens with the idea of selling fresh eggs in 1953. Now one of the Northwest’s premier cage-free and organic egg producers, the Yelm, Washington-based company distributes its eggs throughout the Northwest.

Stiebrs Farms

The business is still family-run by Jan’s and Zelma’s son Jon, his wife Dianna, and their three children, Kiasa, Yany and Ania. Their three grandchildren, Hailey, Abby and Jacob are the fourth generation of Stiebrs to join the growing business.

Jon learned the business as a young boy, when he helped his father sell their first eggs door to door to neighbors and friends. The business gradually expanded into retail outlets in Tacoma, Washington, and was soon earning enough to sustain the family. When Jan and Zelma retired in 1978, Jon and Dianna took over the business.

In September 2006, Stiebrs Farms became the first egg producer in the Washington state to meet the qualifications to use the Certified Humane® label.

“It has always been important to us to provide only the freshest, highest-quality eggs to our customers. The Certified Humane label assures our customers that we care not only about the quality of our eggs, but about the well-being of our hens,” says Kiasa (Stiebrs) Kuykendall. “Our hens live in large community houses where they’re free to perch, dust, nest and socialize proudly. They receive fresh well water and a special blend of vegetarian feed. Our organic hens enjoy grassy outdoor yards.”

Organic feed for the animals is milled onsite at Stiebrs Farms’ certified organic feed mill. The eggs are certified organic by the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

Stiebrs now has 70 employees to help manage the business, gather eggs by hand and care for the animals. The company owns its own processing plant where eggs are sorted and packaged. Stiebrs manages its own marketing, sales and distribution, and has five delivery trucks that make daily rounds throughout Washington and Northern Oregon.

To learn more, visit their website at: Stiebrs Farms

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