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Nature’s Farm

First Laying Hen Farm and Artisanal Pasta Maker in Canada to become Certified Humane®

Nature’s Farm, one of Manitoba’s most celebrated family farms, has been at the forefront of Canadian agricultural practices since its founding in 1987. Owner Hermann Grauer brought the first Omega3 eggs to Manitoba markets in 1996 and prides himself on his aviary environment, an advanced system, originally designed in Switzerland, to optimize bird welfare.

“We knew we needed a good egg to make great artisanal pasta,” says Grauer. “We use our own fresh eggs, sustainably-grown GMO-free wheat flour, authentic bronze dies, small batch processing, and slow, low temperature drying processes to yield excellent results.”

In addition to delivering high quality, great tasting foods, the main goals of Nature’s Farm include an emphasis on family farming that stands up for healthy soil, happy chickens, and a food system that values health for people and the planet.

To learn more, visit their website: Nature’s Farm