National Consumers League Bulletin : New For Consumers: Humane Labeling Program

Consumers have the right to know how cattle are treated and thanks to a new Humane Farm Animal Care ( HFAC) program, obtaining this knowledge before purchasing meat will soon become easier. Introduced in May, the “Certified Humane Raised & Handled” labeling and certification program offers new labels on meat packaging that guarantee the product comes from animals raised at a facility that meets high standards of humanity for cattle treatment. The label will also be available on poultry, eggs, and many dairy products.

“Too many farm animals across the country are treated inhumanely,” said Adele Douglass executive director of HFAC. “By purchasing products that carry the ‘Certified Humane’ label, consumers will not only be able to buy wholesome meat and dairy products with a clear conscience, but will also send a powerful message to the agriculture industry that the humane care and treatment of American farm animals should be a priority.”