December 12, 2012

Pork is NOT Advisable in a Raw Diet

As explained by Consumer Reports, thoroughly cooking your pork is important for safety, so if you’re on a raw diet (which can include raw meats), pork should definitely NOT be part of your menu… Again, while I don’t recommend it, if you DO opt to eat pork, it would be wise to follow these safe handling tips and guidelines, issued by Consumer Reports4:

•    When cooking pork, use a meat thermometer to ensure that it reaches the proper internal temperature, which kills potentially harmful bacteria: at least 145° F for whole pork and 160° F for ground pork.
•    Keep raw pork and its juices separate from other foods, especially those eaten raw, such as salad.
•    Wash your hands thoroughly after handling raw meat.
•    Choose pork and other meat products that were raised without drugs. One way to do that is to buy certified organic pork, from pigs raised without antibiotics or ractopamine.
•    Look for a clear statement regarding antibiotic use. “No antibiotics used” claims with a USDA Process Verified shield are more reliable than those without verification. Labels such as “Animal Welfare Approved” and “Certified Humane®” indicate the prudent use of antibiotics to treat illness…

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