Massachusetts Egg Producer Expands Certified Humane® Eggs to More Retailers

Hubbardston, Massachusetts – February 7, 2018 –The Country Hen, a leading producer of Organic, Omega-3 eggs, launched its all-natural eggs to Merchants Distributors, Inc. for retailers and consumers on the East Coast. The brand’s organic six-pack large eggs are now available through this distributor and are the perfect choice for consumers who insist on humane, organic products in their local grocery stores.

Eggs are a staple in the American diet, with 267 eggs being consumed in the United States per capita last year, according to The Statistics Portal. Consumers have many options when they visit their local grocery store, but those who care about the treatment of animals will be drawn to The Country Hen’s eggs due to the fact that the eggs are produced in a manner that promotes the wellbeing of the hens. The state-of-the-art farm lives up to the highest humane standards, including sunlit cage free barns and outdoor porch access as well as organic, non-GMO feed milled at the farm. The egg quality is evident. The egg whites don’t run, the yolks stand tall and they offer an unparalleled taste.

“We strive to produce the best organic eggs in the market,” said Brandy Gamoning, Marketing Manager for The Country Hen. “Reaching more stores is a great new opportunity for people to see and taste our difference in quality and flavor through our humane, organic practices.”

Recently, The Country Hen received the Certified Humane® label on their eggs, highlighting the standards they hold for treating their hens with respect. Shoppers who care just as much about transparency as they do about the taste of their eggs can trust The Country Hen’s superiority, which is now validated by the third-party certifying organization.

The Country Hen’s long-standing commitment to a humane life for its hens and on-farm practices result in the best quality eggs.

About The Country Hen
The Country Hen has been cage-free since 1988 when founder George Bass decided to produce only the healthiest eggs he could while treating each of his hens humanely. With all three omega-3s, The Country Hen Eggs are the original organic omega-3 enriched egg using certified organic proprietary feed, giving their eggs superior nutrition. The certified organic feed is milled exclusively for The Country Hen at their farm in Hubbardston, MA. The Country Hen believes that organic farming produces healthier plants, which produce better grains and leaves, which produce healthier hens, which produce healthier eggs. Visit for more information.

Original Story: FoodDive