Luiz Mazzon, Director General of Certified Humane – South America, is elected to Humane Farm Animal Care Board of Directors

Luiz MazzonHERNDON, VIRGINIA, USA – The U.S.-based, nonprofit group, Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC) has elected Luiz Mazzon to serve on their board of directors.  Mazzon is the Director-General for their South America region.

As Director General, Mazzon will be responsible for overseeing the expansion of the Certified Humane® program in South America and the certification of farms and food animal producers under the Certified Humane® label beginning in Brazil and Peru.

“I’m proud to be part of an international certification program that is making a difference in the lives of more than 96 million farm animals,” said Luiz Mazzon, Director-General of Humane Farm Animal Care-South America. “The program has been in Brazil since 2008.  It is exciting to be expanding the program to Peru and the rest of South America where animal welfare is becoming more relevant for farmers and consumers.”

Humane Farm Animal Care, headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, USA, is the leading international nonprofit certification organization improving the lives of farm animals in food production. Their expansion into South America brings the first animal welfare certification program into the region to assure consumers that meat, poultry, egg, or dairy products with the Certified Humane® Raised and Handled® label are produced according to HFAC’s precise standards for humane farm animal care. Animals must receive a nutritious diet without antibiotics or hormones and be raised with shelter, resting areas and space sufficient to support natural behaviors to ensure the humane treatment of farm animals in food production.

For the past 20 years, Mazzon has worked in management, international business, marketing and consulting in South America, Southeast Asia and Europe with two multinational European companies (Ecocert and Campari) and two major consulting firms (Accenture and PriceWaterhouse). He currently manages Ecocert Brasil, a leading certification body focused on the certification of organic products. Mazzon graduated in Business Administration and Law, with a master’s degree in international economics and management from Bocconi University in Italy and a master’s degree in finance from Getulio Vargas Foundation in Brazil.

“Luiz has exceptional experience in animal welfare systems and has helped to create change in some challenging business areas,” says Daniel Nowland, Technical Director/Jamie Oliver Group and board member for Humane Farm Animal Care. “He understands what responsible business practice looks like, and is an expert on how organic, higher-welfare and more sustainable systems can benefit everyone. He will be a real asset to the Humane Farm Animal Care team in its next era of growth.”

More than 96 million farm animals are raised under Humane Farm Animal Care’s Certified Humane standards in the U.S., Canada, Brazil and Peru. The Certified Humane® App gives people who care about the humane treatment of farm animals the chance to find meat, poultry, egg and dairy products in stores that have been produced according to Humane Farm Animal Care’s precise standards for humane farm animal treatment. The Certified Humane® App offers English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French language options for consumers.

Learn more about Humane Farm Animal Care at www.certifiedhumane,org.


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