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Korin (Brazil) Agropecuária

korin-logo2Founded in 1994 in São Paulo state, Korin is a Brazilian company that follows the Natural Agriculture principles, a model proposed by Mokiti Okada (Japan, 1882 – 1955). Okada’s philosophical approaches led the company to create a distinguished production system looking at the worldwide trends of progressive food production such as the producer and consumers´ health, environmental preservation, and social responsibility. As a result, Korin was the first company in Brazil to establish a large scale production of broilers and layers free of antibiotics, free of growth promoters, chemicals and animal by product ingredients in the birds´ diet.

In addition to the Antibiotic free (AF) broilers, the company is the largest Brazilian organic chicken producer, also delivering free-range broilers and eggs.

This progressive production system has a range of meaningful differences. Starting from the most basic handlings related to the farmers and their farms, to the final consumers due to choices motivated by tangible and intangible values.

hens-outside2In order to be able to have such successful production systems, the animals´ immunologic system must be in excellent conditions. Therefore, it is essential to preserve the animals’ welfare. For this reason, the welfare practices have always been part of the production process of the company. As animal welfare has been better known and more systematized, the company pursued the certification system aiming to let consumers know the special practices that make Korin eggs and chickens so special.

hens-insideHence, in 2009 Korin became the first company to reach the animal welfare certification through the implantation of the Farm and Animal Welfare Council – FAWA, established by Ecocert Brasil® in Brazil. Since then, Korin has earned the Certified Humane Brasil® certification and proudly displays the certification label on its products.

Luiz Carlos Demattê Filho, DVM, responsible for the certification program in the company.

According to Luiz Carlos Demattê Filho, Korin´s industrial director, one of the most substantial reasons to encourage the animal welfare introduction in production systems of various countries is the worldwide ongoing restrictions to antibiotics use in animal production. Thus, food companies are being guided by consumer preferences to improve production practices due to the strong connection between the non-use of those substances and human well-being issues. The following chart explains this relation:

Relation between the antibiotics use restriction and the welfare level. Source: Luiz Carlos Demattê Filho and Dayana Cristina de Oliveira Pereira.

Another important point that contributed to the prosperity of differentiation initiatives pointed out by Demattê is the “new” consumer profile that has been acquiring a greater awareness of ethics and issues related to food security.

Certified Humane seal highlighted in product’s package.

Being a pioneer in alternative poultry production, the company generates and validates new technologies. To reach such status, Korin has a partnership in research and technological development with Mokiti Okada Research Center – (CPMO in Portuguese), an institution associated to Mokiti Okada Foundation in Brazil.

CPMO laboratories, partial view.

One of the CPMO´s research lines involves research activities related to Environment and Animal Welfare. The partnership outcomes have been contributing greatly to the enhancement of welfare issues and consequently to the improvement of the company production rates. The performed experiments are published in national and international scientific papers. They are framed as a way to promote and incentive other initiatives focused on animal welfare, human health and sustainability of production units.

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